At SageHaus, we design and deliver bespoke and off-the-shelf prefabricated luxury homes. Our design-led, high-quality readymade homes provide a modern and sustainable alternative to conventional housing in the UK, Europe, and USA markets.


Good for the planet and your bills

All our homes are built off site using locally sourced and sustainable materials. This ensures our development process has a minimal impact on the environment. For our residents the meticulous design of our homes allows for exceptional levels of insulation meaning very cost-effective and low-energy homes to run.

Strong financial sense

A move to one of our schemes enables our customers to both rightsize from a house that is no longer physically suits their needs but also utilise the additional equity from the sale of their house. Allowing them to supplement a pension or to have surplus cash to enjoy the finer things in life. All the while our high quality homes mean that there is absolutely no sacrifice in quality of living to achieve this.

Growing with you

Our developments and the facilities provided will grow with you as your needs change. All our homes are set over one floor and can be physically adapted to ensure our residents can enjoy a healthy and independent lifestyle for as long as they require. We also offer the ability to install smart home monitoring devices or arrange regular home care visits for that extra level of comfort.

A bespoke design chosen just by you

Every aspect of our homes can be designed specifically to suit the taste of each of our residents. From room layouts to kitchen appliances to colour schemes, each of these can be tailored to suit your very own discerning taste.

Country living at its best

Each of our developments’ location have been meticulously chosen to ensure our residents can enjoy a tranquil setting in the countryside. Each of our homes have spacious and private gardens so outdoor living can be enjoyed as much as it should be.

Guaranteed build quality

Due to the huge advances in craftsmanship and build quality standards in recent years, it is hard to distinguish between a traditionally built and modular built bungalow. Our modular homes come with comprehensive warranties providing you with the added reassurance you deserve.

Not just a home

When you buy a home with us you are joining a community of like minded and similarly aged residents. All our gated developments are restricted to over 55’s ensuring that everybody’s lifestyles are well matched. Each of our developments have onsite community facilities as well as a community social network.